Study: Effective treatment of sore throat in Covid-19

Led by Dr. Jennifer Nails and Dr. Roberto Salvino the recent study done to evaluate the effectiveness of a gargle brand against sore throat associated with Covid-19.

With the ongoing spread of Covid-19, a little sore throat or cold cough can cause us a lot of worry. Throat sprays are an easy over-the-counter remedy, but do they help with Covid cases?

The question is answered by a recent study done by the UERM Memorial Medical Center Research team that shows Difflam-C, a locally-available antiseptic gargle solution, to significantly relieve “Covid-19 sore throat.”

The combination of Benzydamine HCl and Chlorhexidine gluconate in Difflam-C significantly shortened the duration of said symptoms in patients. Some resolve on the first day of treatment, while most resolve within five days. A noticeable difference compared to the seven to 10 days it usually takes to resolve a sore throat.

“This gargle solution can be viewed as an effective treatment for patients with odynophagia [painful swallowing] or dysphagia [difficulty swallowing]conditions associated with severe sore throat in Covid-19 patients,” said Dr. Nailes, a study sponsor.

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It is important to note that the study has not yet been peer-reviewed but the results are very encouraging in the response to sore throat in Covid-19, especially with a safe, effective, and widely available gargling solution such as Difflam-C.

With most schools and offices encouraging face-to-face tasks, it’s important to be extra careful. Although people can use Difflam-C regularly – even without a sore throat – as an extra safety blanket, it’s still important to protect by taking the necessary steps like getting booster shots, following the usual health protocol, and maintaining a healthy. Lifestyle is the current mainstay for preventing Covid-19 infection.