CCP closed for 2 to 3 years starting January 2023 │ GMA News Online

The 53-year old Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) building will be closed for two to three years starting January 2023 to allow for renovations.

This was announced by CCP President Margarita Moran-Floreindo during the hearing of the Senate cultural communities committee last Thursday.

“I also want to announce, senator, that the CCP is closing its doors in January 2023 because we are now renovating the entire building and structural retrofitting,” she said.

They hope to return to the main CCP building on March 15, 2025, according to CCP Chairman Jaime Laya.

Floreindo also appealed for additional funding to lease offices that had to move to the main building.

“We need more funding than we expected because we didn’t expect to move and because when they started to open the little theater, they saw structural retrofitting that was needed. So the whole staff is moving out of the building for the next one. year,” he said.

The CCP offices will start vacating the building from November this year, he said.

Although they will use corporate funds for the lease for this year, Floreindo said they will need about P390 million in additional funds for office and theater rent in the coming years.

Under the 2023 national expenditures program, he said that only the budget for the construction of the main building is included.

“This (included in the NEP) but [it is] not enough because we don’t know that we all have to leave at once. It should be on the floor,” Floreindo said.

The CCP leadership plans to lease space at the Design Center of the Philippines for their Artistic Department while the Executive Offices will move to the Ramon Magsaysay Building.

According to CCP’s presentation, they are also asking for additional funds for the rental of performance venues and the construction of the Liwasang Amphitheater. —NB, GMA News